Jan 18, 2017


Ennju salad with smoked salmon and avocado, shrimp
Spicy tofu salad
Avocado Salad
Seared salmon and quinoa rice salad with soba salad


Pork Katsu Curry


Today's Buffet

Salmon Yakizuke /vegetable nimono / soba salad/asparagus and sun dried tomato with lemony dressing/ tofu and cucumber with Kimuchi sauce/ salmon skin and red cabbage with ponzu sauce/creamy tofu and brocolli with sesame/ lentil with hijiki with sesame dressing/ black rice and edamame with lemon dressing/ cucumber salad/ Japanese taro potato and fried tofu with spicy mayo sauce/ cucumber and Chinese cabbage with Kimuchi sauce


Special Sushi

Bara Chirashi and rolls/ soba salad/ pickles/ potato salad

Jan 17, 2017


Today's Buffet

Salmon Yakizuke /vegetable nimono/ pumpkin/ Japanese pickle salad/ fried pepper and zucchini in dashi sauce/ creamy tofu and brocolli with sesame/ soba salad/ red and yellow pepper and zucchini with dashi sauce/ string beans with peanuts sauce/ bean sprout and cucumber with sweet vinegar sauce/burdock roots and carrots


Spam Onigiri with Egg


Special of the Day
Miso Katsu Don
 Pork cutlet with miso sauce over rice. 
It comes with soup.