Sep 27, 2016

Today's Buffet

Our Buffet

Salmon Yakizuke/ vegetable nimono/ burdock roots and carrot /eggplants/salmon and potato croquette/ salmon and brocolli omlet/ bean sprout salad/soba salad/ cauliflower and red cabbage with spicy sesame oil/ black rice with salmon, scallion, arugula with sesame oil and salt/ fried sweet potato/ tofu and asparagus / tofu and cucumber with Kimuchi sauce

Enjoy Ennju*\(^o^)/*

Today's Mini Bowl

Pork Katsu curry

Beef and onion -Gyudon -

Eel and egg


Cooked mackerel with miso sauce

Oden -cooked vegetable and fish cakes-

Fried white fish with onion and ginger

NEW‼️ Ginger Pork Udon*\(^o^)/*

Ginger Pork  Udon

Prom udon with ginger flavor and vegetable. 

Today's Special - Ebi Mayo Don -

Ebi Mayo Don

Shrimp tempura over rice with mayo. 
It comes with soup. 

Sep 26, 2016

Spam Onigiri

Spam Onigiri with egg
$2.50 each

Rice Paper Roll

Rice paper roll with salmon and shrimp with spicy mayo sauce. 

Rice paper roll with soba and avocado